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Guangzhou Weddells Technology Co., Ltd

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  • Guangzhou Weddells Technology Co., Ltd
  • Guangzhou Weddells Technology Co., Ltd
  • Guangzhou Weddells Technology Co., Ltd
  • Guangzhou Weddells Technology Co., Ltd
  • Guangzhou Weddells Technology Co., Ltd
Company Details:
Main Market: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Worldwide
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Brands: WEDDELLS No. of Employees: 100~200
Annual Sales: 6,500,000-12,000,000 Year Established: 2004
Export p.c: 90% - 100%
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WEDDELLS, and its wholly owned factory is a leading personal care enterprise in Guangzhou,China, which has established in 2005.


We are committed to becoming a OEM/ODM, diversified, professional and technical personal care brand company integrating design, research, development and production in the industry. We are able to not only satisfy your requirements but also improve your brand image by providing the most innovative, industrial and better-experienced products of WEDDELLS.



Behind the name,”Weddells” ,from the world's fourth largest ocean - Weddell Sea, which has never been conquered and explored by human beings in the history before. We strive to become the well-known leader in the industry and this is what the real meaning behind the scene. Virtue spreads, like the sea, we accept all talents with an inclusive attitude! We believe one day, our products can be extended to all over the world around each corner.


We have always stood for and believed in our culture - “Because of trust, so simple!” As well as we always persevere in customer first and stay simple and pure!


We can provide you with the finished packaging & pre-sale samples services. Giving you the newest trending forecast with the high speed delivery by multiple options. We are not only committed to developing exceptional resources but also guiding you during every step of the process. We have the strong QA and QC team for the rigorous quality control in every stages of production. Starting from package-filling to finished production along with our high lead time management, we bring a wide diversity of solutions to our customers. You will receive efficient and dedicated support which is essential for establishing a successful brand line .


The market nowadays, within the demands speed and flexibility, we ensure that the product you are getting is unique, durable, trustful since it represents your own values. These are just a few benefits of getting WEDDELLS as your OEM partner. Let’s innovate and explore possibilities together.

Our Team

Our team management has the director of brand operation from the top 500 listed companies in the world who used to trained several leading export enterprises in different industries and have our own unique views on team management, corporate culture, brand marketing and enterprise development. There are technical directors and R&D engineers from listed companies, who can develop products suitable for the market according to customer needs, and constantly improve and improve them. Our goal is to help and train customers to become the leading enterprises in the beauty industry! 


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Brand Story




RT-MART International Ltd., trading as RT-Mart is a hypermarket chain in Taiwan,founded in 1996. Its headquarters are in Neihu District, Taipei. The company opened its 401th store in 2019, RT-Mart and Auchan made a joint venture, Sun Art Retail Group Ltd. We started our first cooperation at year of 2009. Because of our professional team and mutual trust, as well as providing RT-MART with the best quality,they choose the long-term cooperation with us. Over years, our products in RT-MART has always been popular-selling products, and also helped them built up a trusted brand in China.


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Working with NOL is more about growth than cooperation. Almost a year long fatory inspection and half year of product testing and overall transformation for our factory, not only in order to acheive the long-term cooperation with the customer but also an improvement for our factory. NOL is a well-konwn supermarket in Japan, established in 1991 which dedicated to selling high quality products. Before they found us, they had a long time for selecting the factory that can reach their standards. Japan has the very strict requirements on the quality of products, from ingredients to packaging, which makes it possible for us to offer high-quality products to every customer in the present. Therefore, our attitude has earn not just the long-term cooperation but trust from them. "Becuase of trust, so simple."

Routine inspection every trimester during production from the our customer. Before shipment, the customer will have a professional team come to our factory to conduct strict product inspection. The inspection process requires the products to be delivered to the inspection agency. Once the products have passed, we can then arrange the shipment.

Our factory is constantly improving itself to meet the needs of various customers.


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To creat a better life!

O. C.E as known as objects,clothing and experiences, also means “Original Color Edition”. Founded in 2014,China. It’s a brand based on Nordic Aesthetics & Lifestyle.

Simplicity, nature, eco friendly and comfort are the core point of OCE’s design ,

They are committted to providing the customers with a comfortable Nordic lifestyle and always putting customers first. Same as our factory, we also committed to providing the best quality products in continuous efforts for our customers. And that is part of the reason we are working together since they have founded. And with the growth of the O.C.E, there will be over 1000 stores in China in the next couple years and we love to see that our products are growing with our customers as well.


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One of the largest Jewlery bath bombs company in USA. Before coorperating with BB, they had already cooperated with some suppliers, but unfortunately they end up havind some bad experience with their previous supplier. Their previous partener, in order to earn more profits from them, cheated their trust by using high-quality samples from other factories,but what they suffered was the loss of 4 FCL. When they receved the goods, all the bath bombs they have revceived was completely different from the samples and the reaction had already been unable.


After this heavy loss, BB found our factory, because some bad experiences made them very alert. However, they did not know that many customers who were cheated by other suppliers later came to our factory. So we can understand them really well. After few times sample confirm and factory inspection, BB decided to cooperate with us,and now we have had more than one year's cooperation. This is also a very gratifying thing for us, we appriciate the trust from the customers, and because of the trust of customers, we can do better...


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Team Work

Before the Chinese New Year, our sales team including our CEO has joined the production line just to make sure that our customers will be receive their goods right on time by three nights in row. We will never breach of faith on our customers becuase they trust us, but please be nice to us lol....






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