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7 Best Hair Colors and Trends to Try This Fall

    7 Best Hair Colors and Trends to Try This Fall
    Update Time:2018-06-22

    7 Best Hair Colors and Trends to Try This Fall

    Out with the flip-flops and sun hats on the beach, and in with layered sweaters and leaf-lined walks through the park. With any new season, you don’t just purge your outfits, but you’re given a fresh opportunity to upgrade your summer locks to autumn-inspired cuts and colors.
    While the peak of fall feels shorter than the sunshine-filled months, the hues and types of hair trends during this time of year are richer, more vibrant and more enduring. No matter what length and shade you’re inspired by, make sure to head to the salon and request one of these fall hair trends, recommended by top colorists and stylists.

    1. Warm Blonde Hues
    If you’re part of the blonde club, you’re probably hesitant to ever leave it. Even though you’ll have fun no matter what color your hair is, you have full permission from hair colorist Christina Culinski to maintain those light-colored locks all year long. But instead of rocking your platinum look, Culinski suggests going for a slightly warmer tint to create a golden glow, instead of a nearly white wash-out. “Ask your colorist to freshen up your summer blonde with a deep conditioning treatment. I love anything with coconut added in because it smells amazing and leaves your hair silky,” she suggests. “Then, you’ll want a rich golden toner to enhance your highlights, while adding dimension.”

    2. Longer Locks
    Stylist at L’Appartement Hair Boudoir in New York, Tina Malhotra, says instead of chopping off several inches, more and more women will be gravitating towards longer hair this autumn. “Many of my clients were on trend with getting a lob last year and are now in the ‘growing out’ stage, ready to embrace their long locks once again for fall,” she explains. Forget the tight curls, though. Malhotra predicts more women will wear their hair smooth and sleek, thanks to darker mornings that will entice them to sleep in instead of spending their time with a curling iron. “Since we’re not sweating quite as much, we wash our hair less often. When you wear it straight, you can stretch your style an extra few days,” she adds.

    3. Caramel “Baby” Highlights
    While you might be picky about your skin care products, if you’re laid back about your hair, it’s important to go with a coloring method that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. For an autumn hue that’s soft, romantic and easy to manage, Culinski suggests asking your colorist to try out caramel “baby” highlights. These small sections are pulled from the hair that frames your face, bringing out your natural complexion. Since partial highlights tend to grow out subtly, you won’t have to worry about maintaining that color throughout the winter, but rather, your summer and fall colors will blend together to create a natural look.

    4. ’90s-Inspired Hair Styles
    Guess what? The “Rachel hair” is back! Well, sort of anyway. According to Malhotra, “The ’90s are making a comeback and I think we will see a lot more layered lob styles, giving a new take on the shaggy style we saw decades before,” she explains. “The collarbone-length cut gives your hair more shape and texture for fall, especially when you add a wave to finish the style.” This is also a happy medium for those who want to cut their hair shorter, but are nervous to take the plunge. Once you get a feel for this slightly shorter hair length, you can decide if a short hairstyle is truly right for you.

    5. Rich Chocolate Low Lights
    Did you fall in love over the summer and now looking to take your fling to something more serious during the infamous “cuffing” season? For a sexier yet classy look, Culinski suggests playing with the trend of rich chocolate low lights, which she says is loved by celebrities. When you mix these low lights with a lighter brunette shade, she explains that the texture becomes silky smooth. Have blue or green eyes? Dare to go even darker to really make those eyes pop.

    6. Natural Waves
    If your hair naturally has a wave to it, you’ll be happy to know that those carefree curls aren’t just for summertime but for fall, too. Malhotra says if the straight and sleek look doesn’t fit your lifestyle, the beach wave look can get a slight upgrade to big, bouncy, soft waves. “You can make this happen with a curling iron by brushing out the tight curls to make your hair look thicker and voluminous,” she explains.

    7. Copper Balayage
    Up for a totally new look that will be trendy for months to come? Culinski explains rich warm balayage tones are all the rage for the fall season. “These tones warm up summer’s leftover color and bring your hair into fall with gorgeous shimmer and light,” she explains. The many layers of balayage will mimic the layers of clothes you’re lugging around now, while catching the last few rays of sunlight before winter makes its arrival.

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